Good Reads

Honestly, I wasn’t sure that Megan Miranda’s The Last House Guest would make it on my “Good Reads” list. I have had this book purchased on my iPad for quite some time before I began reading it. Then, once I started – I keep walking away from it – something that I never do! Finally, I realized that it was a Reese Witherspoon pick – so that should count as something; so I barreled through the tough parts. I am glad I did!!!

I have really been on a thriller kick when it comes to my book choices, so that’s why I initially picked The Last House Guest as a read. When I started it, it was pretty typical of all the other thrillers I have read lately: a dead girl, questions abound, a sole person is left to figure out the mystery. I wasn’t drawn to the characters and I didn’t think I would actually finish the novel.

Once I decided to REALLY read the book – I was greatly rewarded. The twist in this novel is good – so good I really had no idea it was coming. Usually I have an inkling of who the bad guy is… but not here! I was impressed with Miranda’s who-done-it skills and I would actually be willing to read another book by this author. I didn’t like how underdeveloped I felt the characters were in the first half of the novel, but she eventually does develop them and I liked where she took them.

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