TGIF – fun finds

Happy April! Tis the month of Spring Break… and I am so excited! After a massive rain storm earlier this week, everything around here seems so fresh and new!

I had such a fun cookie order this week – for a bridal shower! It was my first time working with gold edible paint and I loved the way the cookies turned out. I’m ready for wedding season!!!

When we were up in Santa Ynez, my friend Lorena found this dinosaur wine aerator and immediately bought one for her and our friend Heidi, who is also dinosaur-obsessed! I love this quirky little wine accessory and I think it is perfect touch of whimsy with wine! (Hey – I like that! I could open a restaurant called Whimsy with Wine… it works!)

My pretty girl is soaking up all the late-afternoon sun that there is… and she seems pretty ready for longer days and warmer weather. I have never had a dog that loves the sun as much as she does. Whenever can’t find her – I just gotta look outside to the patch of sun – she’s usually there!

Hope you have a great sun-filled weekend!

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