Gift Giving/Recieving Roundup

I know the holidays were weeks ago, but I wanted to give you a round up of some of my favorite gifts to give and receive this year. You know… for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

I discovered the jewelry brand, gldn, from some influencers I follow on IG, and I asked for my first piece of jewelry from them for Christmas. I was looking for a tiny pair of stud earrings to wear in my second hole, and these tiny hearts checked the box. Greg got them for me – and a pair for Tay for the holidays and I love them. The price is just right and the quality is amazing, They have so many unique and customizable pieces, I know this is a company I will be coming back to again and again this year for gifts.

My amazing friend, Asya, is the queen of gift giving and she nailed it this year with some gifts from Uncommon Goods. If you have never checked out the website, I really encourage you to peruse all they have to offer. The most amazing felted wool bird house -in the shape of an avocado – is now proudly displayed in my yard thanks to my friend. It makes me giggle, brings me so much happiness, and reminds me of Asya every time I see it!

Finally, I wanted to get my girlfriends something to commemorate the good times we had this last year and I found the perfect gift thanks to Etsy. It’s no secret that we love wine, so I commissioned a wine label to be made for a bottle of 19 Crimes wine that featured The Besties. Along with it, I found some handmade custom wine tags for each of the ladies with their name on them. IT was a small gift that brought a huge smile to everyone’s faces!! Bonus: it includes wine!!!

All of these gifts are small, happy purchases that bring a smile to my face – as they would to anyone who received them!

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