What I’m Watching (Winter 2022)

Since my family had so much downtime over the winter break due to Greg’s surgery, we spent A LOT of time watching all of the tv shows, movies, documentaries we could find. There were so many terrible things we found… but there were also some gems that that I want to share with you, in case you need something good to actually view!

TV Show – Yellowstone. The fourth season of Yellowstone may be the best one so far! Greg and I discovered the show last year, and we binged watched the first three seasons. I was patiently awaiting the fourth season to come out… and it did not disappoint! We bought the season pass to the show through AppleTV for around $20, and it was money well spent! It’s like The Sopranos-meet-Montana, but with Kevin Costner (and who doesn’t love Kevin Costner?!?)

Documentary- 14 Peaks. This Netflix documentary is amazing, and I was so excited we discovered it! I love adventure docs like Free Solo, and 14 Peaks is definitely in that same genre. This doc follows Nims Purja as he attempts to climb the world’s 14 tallest peaks all within 7 months. It is incredible cinematography and the storyline is heartwarming and exciting all at once.

Movie – Minari. I had heard about Minari last year around awards season, but I had not had a chance to watch it until now. Minari follows a Korean immigrant family as they move to Arkansas for a better life. Although over half of the movie is in subtitles, the storyline is captivating and beautiful. I loved every aspect of this film – even the actor who portrays David – and I usually can’t stand child actors!!!

Bonus pick – Don’t Look Up. I’m jumping on the bandwagon here with my love and adoration for the this comedy/reality/sad truth film. I think we ended up watching it the first night it was released on Netflix and it was funnier, yet more sobering than I could imagine. I’m sure you have all heard the political punditry on this movie, so all I have to say is that you should see it! Not that it will make you feel good about mankind in the end, but it does have some moments of levity (the snacks… I still giggle about the snacks!) and it is a film that will be in the public dialogue for quite awhile.

Happy viewing!!!

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