Wine Table Planter

A few months back, I saw this adorable wine table planter on Instagram and fell in love. I mean – who wouldn’t want a beautiful planter with a table popping up from the middle so you could rest a wine glass on it? One of my friends, Cameo, was having a milestone birthday soon and I thought this would make the perfect gift. So, I filed it away in my mind and patiently awaited her big day!

I recruited Greg into my gift-making endeavor because he has the true green thumb in the family. A trip to Lowe’s resulted in a beautiful blue pot that I loved and some succulents for the wine pot. I knew that Cameo had two chairs that would be perfect for wine drinking on her front patio, and since it was full sun I thought the succulents would be the safest plant option. Plus, they are super hearty and rather hard to kill!

Once Greg planted the pot out, I found a wine table on Amazon. There were so many to choose from – way more than I thought! I took some measurements and found this wine table that was large enough to hold a bottle and two glasses and sturdy enough for some serious outside time. Plus, it it made of bamboo which gave it a nicer, more finished look then some of the plywood options.

The final product was amazing – way beyond what I expected it to be. It was cute, fun, USEFUL, and easy to assemble. I think this was the perfect gift for Cameo… and I can’t wait to make one for my own yard!!

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