Surprise 40th Birthday Party

One of my very best friends, Cameo, recently celebrated her 40th birthday, so our friend group (known as “The Besties”) decided to surprise her with a full-on party. With Cameo’s husband, Josh, on board, we celebrated this monumental milestone in style!

It was decided that my friend Jill and I would be in charge of the food, while my other friends, Lorena and Kelly, would tackle the decorations and appetizers. We put Cameo’s husband, Josh, on signature cocktail duty since he was a former bartender.

Lorena and Kelly killed it in the decoration department. Seriously, I think we should all quit teaching and go into party planning after this adventure! The theme was pretty in pink and we pulled out all the stops. I loved the rustic touches, the fresh flowers, and of course all the pink!

For the signature cocktail, Josh created a champagne, liquor, cotton candy delight where you put the cotton candy into the drink and it bubbled and fizzed up and was beautiful…not to mention so tasty! See why we put him on cocktail duty?!?!

The dinner was a mix of Cameo’s favorite foods – all gluten free – so she could enjoy it. Jill made the most delectable roast chicken and sweet potatoes while I made some Dijon salmon and green beans with a green goddess sauce. Dessert was a gluten free chocolate cake – but I have a whole blog post for that!

I love how the five Besties all came together to celebrate one of our own, and we also brought along the guys who help make us so great! It was hands down one of the best nights in the last couple of years and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

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