Citrus Ice Cubes

So, this isn’t so much a recipe, but it is a fun little hack that I discovered and am now obsessed with. I have been on a mission (seems like forever!) to drink more water. I know it is so good for me and I feel better when I am hydrated… but it’s hard!!! I love having flavored waters but that gets pricey, so I tried to come up with a simple way to flavor my own water.

Citrus is the thing I love, so I attempted to make a delicious, easy to serve, citrus ice cube that I could throw in my water and it would flavor the whole thing. And guess what – it’s amazing!

I decided instead of making it a lemon ice cube or a lime ice cube, I would make it all my favorite citrus. I loaded up on grapefruit, orange, lemon, and limes and pulled out my trusty juicer and got to work. I ended up with about two cups of mixed citrus juice that I then poured into my waiting ice cube trays. After a few hours, I popped the citrus ice cubes out and then put them all in a plastic bag that sits in my freezer.

This little hack is genius, if I do say so myself. I fill my water bottle up in the morning with ice and water, then drop in one of these citrus ice cubes. My water is perfectly flavored and delicious all day – and I find myself drinking way more water than before!

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