RV Adventures – Mammoth Lakes

For the last three summers, we have trekked up to Mammoth Lakes, CA to experience summer in the Sierras, and this summer was no different. Just like last summer, we brought along our good friends to camp alongside us. It’s awesome to have a family that you all get along – the kids adore each other and the adults always have a great time together. It’s perfect for everyone!

With four kiddos ranging in age from 3 -12 years old, we were on the lookout for something fun to do that everyone would enjoy. We decided to spend a day taking the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain and then slowly make our way down, stopping at all the museums and cultural centers along the way. I have to tell you, with or without kids, this was an awesome thing to do! The gondola ride was epic with the most amazing views. Once at the top, we walked around taking it all in, along with the cultural center. Then, halfway down the mountain we got off the gondola again to take in the outdoor museum. Finally, at the bottom of the mountain the kiddos took part in some faux gemstone mining. It was fun for all!

Of course, in Mammoth, we had to hit up some of our favorite hangouts! Looney Bean Coffee was close to the campground so we walked over there one morning to get some delicious brew to start the day. We also spent some quality time at Mammoth Brewing Company (hands down – the best!) and then took the kids one night to Mammoth Rock ‘n’ Bowl. All of these places are some of our favorites and we couldn’t have a complete trip to Mammoth without them!

For a full afternoon it poured rain, so our plans to go kayaking in Lake Mary were crushed. But, being the resourceful parents we are, we made the best of the situation. Putting the kids with iPads and phones in one RV, the four of us decided it was parents-day-in and played games and drank while enjoying the beautiful sounds of the rain outside. It was honestly a perfect afternoon!!!

This trip to Mammoth was, once again, spectacular and it just reinforces to me that Mammoth Lakes is one of the happiest places on earth!

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