TGIF – fun finds

It’s another Friday and I have found some incredible ways to make this weekend bring a smile to your face!

Summer and binge-watching tv shows just go hand-in-hand for Greg and me. With both of us having the summer off, we like to stay up late and get in as many episodes of a show as possible. This summer, the best show we have binge-watched (so far!) has been Yellowstone on Peacock TV. This show has three seasons and, as Greg describes it, is kinda like the Sopranos in Montana. It’s dark… but it is also funny and heartwarming, too! Plus, Kevin Costner plays the patriarch of the family, John Dutton, so well… that guy is amazing!

To go along with our binge-watching, I have discovered a phenomenal new dessert… Tillamook Ice Cream Chocolate Peanut Butter. I have long loved Tillamook cheese, but their ice cream…man, it’s good! Chocolate peanut butter has long been a favorite of mine, so this timeless classic just hits the spot!

Hope your weekend is full of binge-watching and ice cream. I mean… what can be better?????

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