TGIF- fun finds

Guys- it’s Friday! And, it’s the start of a long weekend so it seems like all is right in the world! We are slowly inching towards the end of the school year and the reality that summer is this close is finally setting in! We can do this!!!

Last weekend Greg and I watched this documentary on Amazon Prime and I just fell in love with Pink. While I have always enjoyed her music, I loved the intimate look at Pink as a mother and how she and her husband really work hard to balance fame and family. Plus, her crazy acrobatics during concerts was so freaking awesome to see!!

Last weekend I hit a wall, and found myself not wanting to rush out the door to exercise first thing in the morning- which is really rare for me. Since I’m trying to listen to my body more, I decided to start the day with a coffee end the newest Real Simple magazine. If you have never checked out the magazine, I highly suggest it. Full of home decor, fashion, beauty, food… it has a little bit for everyone!

I’ve come to realize that my new title on life is that of dog bed. Not only has itty-bitty Oscar claimed me as his permanent lounge spot, but Lily has been extra snuggly lately, too. I can’t complain…

Have a wonderful LONG weekend, friends!!

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