New Adventure- JFK 50 Miler

Greg and I are always looking for a new adventure- something we can tackle together that brings some excitement to our day-to-day lives. Usually it is Greg who seeks out the new challenge and I am usually game to go along with it. So…here’s the new challenger we chose:

Yep- it’s an ultramarathon! We’ve done marathons, Ironman, and countless other small races on the past, so we set our sights on the big race- the oldest ultramarathon in the country- the JFK 50 Miler. This race combines Greg’s love of outdoor sports with my love of history- and cold, fall-like weather. See, I don’t ever relish hot weather running so this race (in November in Maryland) seems ideal.

I have a great base for this training, as my running/walking partner and I hit the road and/or trails most days. We have 8 months to train so I do feel confident in the timeline. Am I nervous? Hell yes! I never thought I would ever tackle a 50 mile race- but I have tackled things that have scared me even more in the past (hello, 2.4 mile open water swim in Ironman!) I know this is something that I can do- even if it takes me the entire 13 hours to do it!

I ordered my new trail runners (my last pair were so old!) and I am ready to tackle this one! I hope to have lots of updates for you guys with amazing photos of my hiking/ running/walking adventures!!!

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