Smoked Turkey Breast

For the most part- I enjoy eating a mostly plant based diet. But, there are times they I crave a few meat items. When I am in the mood for meat, there is no better way than to smoke it!

Years ago, my parents bought Greg and me this electric smoker. It has been amazing- easy to use and on the smaller size, which means it can discreetly fit in our side yard. I decided to smoke a turkey breast this past Christmas Eve and it was so simple!!!

For me, I think the seasoning is what can really set your smoked meats apart. There are so many varieties of wood chips and rubs…the combinations are endless! I recently discovered the Jack Daniel’s chips and I love them. They give the meats a really unique flavor. On our turkey this year I also found a rub from my FAVORITE barbecue joint down in Texas. It was amazing- but use sparingly! It’s spicy!!! Thanks to my sis-in-law Jessica for warning of this fact before I went overboard!

If smoking meats seems daunting to you-it’s the easiest thing! All I did was lather the meat in butter, coat it in a mix of the spice rub and brown sugar, then placed it in the 225° smoker for 30 minutes per pound. When it was all cooked, I let it rest for about 30 minutes so the juices would redistribute and we were ready to go!

The Christmas Eve dinner was perfection. The turkey, Brussels sprouts, salad and latkes hit the spot and started our holidays on the right foot!

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