Good Reads

Ok- I admit I read the Jessica Simpson memoir. I know, right?!? So Gen X of me!!! I read it mostly because I was curious of the celebrity gossip but I walked away after reading it with a deep respect for the woman who is made to look like a ditzy blonde by the media.

Open Book is an interesting look at the life that I watched unfold in tandem to mine. Jessica and I are both 40 now, got married right around the same time and became moms very close together. I always knew about her (I love my People magazine!) but I did. It know the backstory of the struggles she faced.

It was a very well-written account of her life and there was plenty of the Hollywood gossip that I crave. Overall, I really like this book. (Asya- I can feel your cringe and eye-roll right now! But really, you need to give it a try!)

One more thing- I am SO glad I am not in the public eye! After reading the horrific critiques Jessica received from everyone concerning her weight, I am glad I just have to stand in front of 100 teenagers and not the whole world! My lord- people are cruel!!!!

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