Day Trippin’ – SLO (once again!)

We loaded up the RV and once again headed back to San Luis Obispo for a short, relaxing weekend with one goal in mind – to get out on some trails! Greg and I loaded the RV and left Friday after work. After hitting some traffic (yuck!) we arrived in SLO to pick up dinner – my favorite – Woodstock Pizza!!! Since it was dark, it was the perfect meal to take back to the campsite to eat next to the campfire.

Image result for woodstock's pizza

The next morning we got up to hit the trails – specifically the trail up Bishop’s Peak. This awesome trail is challenging – a bit of rock climbing mixed with hiking, but it was awesome. Tay was hesitant at first, but she ended up loving the hike.

We spent the rest of the day hitting up a San Luis favorite , Linnea’s for some amazing chai on their outdoor patio and then we sauntered through a few shops.

Our last morning in SLO found both Greg and I out of bed early and eager to hit the trails once again. We decided to hike right from our campsite, and we found some amazing hidden gems (in terms of trails!) It was so nice to just be able to get up and go!

We were out of time when we discovered that the trail system went even further, so I guess that means that we will have to go back and explore even more!

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