TGIF- fun finds

We made it to the end of the school year! Yesterday, as I packed up my room for the last time, I felt so happy to have survived this year. It was a year like no other!!! Now – summer vacation begins and I am so excited to put this year in the past and start making some incredible memories!!!

A few days ago, we headed up to Ventura to check out some bookstores and just enjoy some time outside. Greg and I stopped at Ventura Coast Brewery and sat outdoors and noshed on a quesadilla from a local food truck and a really good beer! The Beachscape was so nice on a sunny afternoon – if you live locally make sure to give it a try!

I’ve been following the blog, Lauren Loves, for a few years now, and she posted the easiest way to make teriyaki salmon on the blog’s IG stories. I had never thought to make salmon in the air fryer- and I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! Guys – it took under 10 minutes and we had some juicy, flavorful salmon for dinner! My big fear was that the whole house would smell like fish, but it did not at all!

I’ve been busy putting together my last of the graduation cookie orders and I have to say, I love them more and more each year! For some reason, graduation season is my busiest season for cookies, and I love how happy they make people! Plus, more customers have been incorporating the college their student is heading to, so I have fun making some college cookies, too!

Hope your weekend is going to be a fabulous one!

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