Spring Break Round Up

Well, Spring Break 2021 is over and it was a good one! We didn’t do any epic adventures, but what we did do we made it fantastic!

We packed up the kid, the dogs, and the RV and headed up the coast to one of our favorite locations – San Luis Obispo, more specifically, El Chorro Campground. Since both Greg and I went to school at Cal Poly, going up the coast is like going home. One of the days we were there we ventured into The teenie-tiny town of Harmony and then on to Cambria. This stretch of the California coastline is my favorite with bright blue water, rolling grasslands, and cows (both the real and not-so-real variety!)

We spent another afternoon in Morro Bay and met my parents, sister, and nieces. It was so amazing to see them all and it was a perfect backdrop, too! I’m we stumbled upon a sea otter nursery (if you look close enough you can see them floating in the water!) and I could have watched them all day. The way the momma otters rest their babies on their chest is the cutest!

My favorite find of the trip was a new-to-us trail in San Luis Obispo known as Johnson Ranch. This series of trails meandered through the most amazing landscape…and it was so green! Both Greg and I love it when we find new trials to adventure on, and this one was such a good find. The trails were perfect for running and it is somewhere we will definitely return to for some ultramarathon training!

Spring Break was exactly what it should be: lots of time outdoors, time together, and time relaxing!

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