Good Reads

No joke- when I started this book, and I was about 30 pages in, my thought was, “there is no way I can blog about this book, it’s just so predictable!” Hahaha- the joke is on me! Tarryn Fisher creates a remarkably unpredictable and ridiculously exciting book in The Wives.

I haven’t read anything by Fisher before, so I didn’t know what to expect from her. The book starts off with a woman who finds herself in a weird sister-wives situation…but she has never actually met her sister wives! I thought it would be a story about the wives bonding together and rising up from the oppression of their shared husband, blah blah blah…and then the book took a turn- like a HUGE turn. Like, I never saw that coming!

If you decide to read The Wives, do yourself a favor and don’t read most reviews of the book- they will spoil it. Allow yourself to go on the journey that Fisher unfolds and enjoy a really good read.

3 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. Now I have to go look up spoilers 🤣 just from your review I’m imagining the twist- like the sister wives have never met because it’s actually 1 body w 3 personalities or something


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