TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! And more importantly- happy 2021!! The start of a new year is always so exciting and as I am getting ready to finish up a semester and start fresh with some new students, I am so hopeful for all that 2021 has coming.

This holiday season brought a lot of resting and relaxing time- and some fun new finds that I have incorporated into my day to day life.

Ok- I know, I know- who needs another chapstick, right? But in al seriousness, this chapstick is hands down the best most hydrating and incredibly tasting chapstick I have ever used. Greg picked out this pack for me and gave it to me over the holidays and I am obsessed. Since lipstick and fun glosses are out the picture with our masks- just having a nice, hydrated lip is what I was looking for.

This winter has been a bit chilly here in Southern California and with the possibility of going back to the classroom- but being forced to keep all of our doors and windows open for ventilation- I knew I would be in for some chilly days. I was on the lookout for a slouchy beanie that would be more teacher-chic than freezing-hobo and I think I succeeded with this hat. It is so comfy and adorable- and it comes in about 25 colors! I ordered the gold one (it’s one of our school colors) but I have my eye on about three other colors that would complement my wardrobe. I know it was a win because my super picky pre-teen daughter wanted one for Christmas, too- so I know I’m at least kinda fashionable!

Speaking of cold weather- these two have been ridiculous when it comes to snuggling and warmth! They are constantly under blankets or they have their squishy little bodies piled on top of their humans. I can act annoyed- but we all I know I love it!! ❤️

Happy Friday!

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