Beer Battered Fish Tacos

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Instagram feed strikes again! I was scrolling innocently enough through my IG feed the other day and low-and-behold…fish tacos! They looked so crunchy and delicious- I instantly had a craving for my own. Weirdly enough, I had some fish in the freezer so I actually had all the ingredients on hand- what are the chances?!?

Fish tacos are ridiculously easy, you don’t really need a recipe for them (but I have included it below!) The fresh salsa looked good, but with my picky eaters I knew it was a no-go. Instead I made a simple Baja Sauce that complemented the fish perfectly and gave that little kick of acid that every fish taco needs.

I charred my corn tortillas- just like the recipe said- added some pickled red onions and lettuce, and the final result was perfection. A cold beer completed the meal and I was in fish taco heaven!

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