Good Reads

A couple of months back I read my first Kristin Hannah book, The Great Alone, and fell in love with it…and the author. The epic storytelling drew me in and I was hooked. Recently, I picked up my second Kristin Hannah book and had the exact same life affair all over again!

Magic Hour is set in the Pacific Northwest, which I have to admit, is one of my favorite places. The description of the physical location and the small town where the novel is set, made me homesick for a place I have actually never called home!

The story is compelling… a little bit mystery and little bit love story. The mystery part was super intriguing to me…the love story was a bit predictable. Overall, I felt that the intriguing part outweighed the predictable part and it definitely kept my attention.

Magic Hour- like the other Kristin Hannah book I read- is worth the read!

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