TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday- and if your plans this weekend include a margarita…enjoy!!!

I have been living in my EVA Birkenstock’s this quarantine. They have all the comfort of a traditional Birkenstock, but they are made out of plastic thus making them waterproof and pretty much impossible to ruin! I am always very protective of my leather Birks- heaven forbid something happen to them! But with these, I can wash the dog, garden, cook… whatever I want! Plus, they run about $45/pair so you aren’t laying down a huge investment for a cute, comfy shoe!

Graduation cookie orders have been steadily coming in and most days I find myself in the kitchen decorating caps, gowns, and diplomas! Right now it’s mostly college graduations, and I have been loving the small personalizations… including a pickle! There’s a first for everything!!!

I hope your weekend brings a beautiful sunset and a nice place to enjoy it!

Happy Friday!!!

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