TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! It has been an absolutely beautiful week here in Ventura County and I have been loving the weather… and the nearness of summer!

I have been looking for the perfect black midi skirt for my travels this summer… and I finally found it! The Release Midi Skirt from Athleta is perfection. Wrinkle resistant, quick drying, lightweight, and so cute! I ordered it at the start of last week and had the chance to wear it this past weekend. This is seriously the skirt of my dreams!!!

Greg and I made it through the final season of Ozark this week… and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This has been an amazing show and I have really loved it from start to finish. I’m always so sad when a show ends, it’s like, “now what will I do with my time!” So, if anyone has any recommendations of something to fill the Ozark-sized hole in my life, let me know!

Lily and I had the chance to go on an epic Mother’s Day Hike together (the two moms of the house… together!) and it was so lovely. Foggy and cool… it was the best kind of hike!

Hope you all have a glorious weekend!

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