Toffee Cookies

There is a place in San Luis Obispo called The Apple Farm. It is a well-known hotel and restaurant with a bakery attached that makes the most amazing toffee cookies known to man. Seriously – they are soft, chewy, delicious… and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really like cookies! These toffee cookies are a favorite of Greg’s, so I am always on the lookout for a copycat recipe to make my own.

I found this recipe for toffee cookies and went about trying my hand at them. I thought they would be amazing because of the browned butter – which makes everything better! The recipe was very straightforward to follow, but I did end up making a single change. I opted for toffee chips without chocolate because that is most similar to the cookies from the Apple Farm.

Overall – these cookies had a really good flavor. Salty and sweet – with neither being overpowering. But, the cookies ended up hardening really quickly; I served them two hours after baking them and they were no longer soft and chewy! I am still on the hunt for a copycat toffee cookie recipe that has this flavor but also stays soft!

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