TGIF – fun finds

Well, April flew by…right?!?! I cannot believe that May begins this weekend! And when I say I can’t believe it – I mean I am so freaking excited for May and then June…. ahhhh, the sweetness of spring (and the end of the school year!)

Over Spring Break I saw the sweetest film, Belfast. I had heard about this film because it was up for a bunch of awards, and it did not disappoint. This semi-autobiographical film from director Kenneth Branagh is a look at the beginning of The Troubles in Northern Ireland in 1969. I loved the music, the acting, the story… it was all so beautifully done!

I was trying to compile a bunch of heart-warming and calming photos for my AP students as they prepare for the AP Euro exam next week. I came across this picture of penguins in sweaters… and I just about died! If you need some zen and happiness in your life, just refer back to this photo of penguins in sweaters – paying special attention to the penguin in the Penguin Books sweater!

I hope your weekend is relaxing… as relaxing as Lily sleeping on the sofa!

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