Weekend Getaway – Oceanside

Last weekend we decided to getaway, and meet some friends in Oceanside, CA for an amazing, RELAXING pre-Spring Break adventure. Oceanside is just north of San Diego, and should be about a 2-ish hour drive for us (without traffic, of course!) Greg and I have not been there for at least 14 years – when he did the Oceanside Ironman. I was excited to see how the little town had changed!

We rented an Air-b-n-b and it was in a perfect location…. and allowed dogs! That’s right, Lily and Oscar got to enjoy a little getaway, too! The house was located about half mile from the beach and it was even closer to the shops and restaurants on South Coast Blvd.

We spent our first morning there walking the town and beach with the pups and just enjoying the amazing weather we were having. It seemed like everyone had a dog (or two!) and there was some good people watching going on. Later that day Tay and I went out and walked along the beach and collected shells. The beach was covered in tiny little shells that looked like butterfly wings! It was amazing!

The food we consumed in Oceanside was out-of-this-world ridiculously good! Seriously, I think we had some of the tastiest food and drinks I have had in a long time. Highlights include:

Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza at Best Pizza and Brew

Tacos, tacos, and more tacos at Municipal Taco

A perfect Whiskey Sour at Bagby Beer Co.

Maple Spiced Latte and Avocado Toast at Vigilante Coffee

There were so many incredible food options! And so many more that we didn’t even have a chance to try!

We did a bit of window shopping, with my favorite stop being Plant Play. It was an amazing mom-and-pop plant shop with a vast array of plants. We each got a new plant for the house as a souvenir of our trip.

Overall, it was such a wonderful weekend. We had a blast catching up with our friends, eating great food, and taking a break from the everyday!

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