Getaway- Sant Ynez Valley

It’s been a long year… and it was finally time to get away! What could be better than a getaway full of delicious food, lots of wine, and the best of friends?!?! Not much…

The Besties and I (and the husbands, too!) booked a weekend to Santa Ynez Valley for Jill’s 50th birthday and the entire weekend was perfect. Seriously, after all the planning, we could not have had a more epic adventure. Santa Ynez Valley is home to some of the best wine in California and with it being so close to us, about 9o minutes away, it was the perfect destination.

Our trip began with some wine tasting at an old favorite, Stolpman Vineyards, and then a picnic lunch. The Tasting room at Stolpman is so quaint and adorable, and their vineyard… it was magical! Huge oak trees and rolling hills made our lunch so much better! Not that it could get much better than the food we were eating… sandwiches from Panino. Let me tell you about the amazing sandwiches… guys, they were the best I have ever had! We ended up all getting something different and actually having lunch there two days in a row – it was that good!!!!

After lunch we headed to our Air’b’n’b rental – Rancho Pequeno. If you are in the market for an idyllic place to stay… this is it! It is actually located on a vineyard and next store to some amazing horses! Every room in the house had such an incredible view and the place was a perfect place for us all to stay together. I loved this place!

The next day we headed to do some more tastings at Gainey Vineyards and Roblar Winery. Both places were so gorgeous and the wine was superb. I think I was made to drink wine in beautiful places. Forget work – this is more my jam!

The entire weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge and refresh to make it through the rest of the school year. We got to celebrate Jill in the exact way she deserved to be celebrated and we had so much good time together.

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