Old-School Baked Ziti

I recently wanted to clean out the freezers – because, apparently I am a food hoarder who is constantly afraid I will not have an ingredient I need, so I buy and store things in the freezer until they are both full and then I have to get creative and cook what I have! So, having some Italian sausage in the freezer, I was looking for a recipe to use it in. Enter Smitten Kitchen’s Old School Baked Ziti – a perfect dish for a cold night!

I love this recipe because it is easy – and it is so simple to make substitutions and changes to adjust to your taste. Obviously, we went with tomato sauce instead of crushed tomatoes (because…picky eaters!) and I added a bit more spinach than requested because I love spinach!

This Ziti was so easy to assemble and so tasty… I loved it!

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