TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday! Does anyone else feel that the world is out of control this week? With everything that is happening in Ukraine, our country… hell, even locally – it seems a bit overwhelming at times. Being a history teacher the kids constantly want to unpack what is happening in Europe right now and it keeps depressing after awhile. I love that the kiddos are interested in current affairs, but it seems so bleak. So, I’m spending the days trying to find some humor and some positivity in light of all that is going on.

I saw this “Poo Tin” sign on Twitter and I instantly sent it to Greg for a small giggle. THs is perfect – exactly what I needed, so I thought the rest of you could use that giggle, too!

I’ve been seeing renditions of this sentiment all over Twitter, and I couldn’t agree more. Yes, every woman – and probably most men- have a small crush on President Zelenskyy right now. I am so impressed with the Ukrainian president and how he is standing, and fighting, with his countrymen. Rarely in modern history do you see a leader who does more than simply talk-the-talk.

In an effort to elevate my mood this week, I got out on the trails with the pups and enjoyed this short-lived “green season” in Southern California. I think Lily was just as happy as I was to be out in nature!

Have a great Friday!

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