Smoked Pork Quesadilla

I think I may have found the perfect combo of my love of my smoker and my love of Mexican food. A few weeks ago, Greg and I were getting a beer at a local brewery (Pedals and Pints in Thousand Oaks!) and I noticed that their bar menu had a Smoked Pork Quesadilla on it. Intrigued -I ordered it for Greg and me to snack on, and I was so impressed with the smoked meat and cheese combo. Knowing I had a pork loin in the freezer and a smoker in the backyard, I went about recreating this gem!

I have yet to smoke pork in my smoker- I mostly stick to Salmon or Chicken (or an occasional turkey around Thanksgiving!) After researching online a bit, I decided I would cook my meat at 250 degrees for a nice low and slow cook on the meat. I left it in a bot too long- based on the size of the loin, so it was a bit dry, but overall it was so incredibly tasty! I shredded it in my KitchenAid mixer and it was all ready to assemble into my quesadillas.

I went with flour tortillas, mixed cheese, and my favorite Creamy Honey Chipotle sauce from Blue Top. Guys, this combo was insane! I cannot believe how incredible these quesadillas were. The flavors melded so well together and the smokiness of the pork, the hot sauce, and the cheese… it was off the hook. I loved every bite! I am so excited to try the smoked pork in other things, like a barbecue salad, burritos, tacos… the possibilities are endless!

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