TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! This month just keeps on going and I am pleasantly surprised with how quickly the weeks are flying by. March is typically such a drag – and this one just doesn’t seem to be!

Can we take a moment to appreciate my friend Jill’s talent at making the perfect cocktail? I was blessed with a Jill-made Greyhound earlier this week and it made me so happy! I am not sure what her exact recipe is, but it was so good… and so juicy… I think everyone should take to drinking Greyhounds!

After an amazing yoga class last weekend Greg and I hit up Veggie Grill, a local vegetarian restaurant, for lunch. I had their seasonal Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad and I was so excited to try something new. This salad was refreshing and filling – and the side of sweet potato fries sure didn’t hurt either!

Lily has been my “adventuring” buddy on the weekends and we have been exploring a bunch of local trails and meandering up paths I have never been on. This is her typical mid-morning/afternoon pose after these adventures! She knows how to have fun… and she certainly knows how to rest!!!

Hope your Friday is fantastic!

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