Good Reads

It has been FOREVER since I finished a book. I don’t know what it is, but I have had the worst time trying to concentrate on reading. This turn of events has made me so sad because books have always been a welcome escape for me. On our recent trip to Texas I brought along a book I got for Christmas and was pleasantly surprised when I got lost in it… and then promptly finished it!

Monogamy is my first Sue Miller book (and it won’t be my last!) Her writing is beautiful and takes everyday, mundane situations and makes them come to life right off the pages. This novel focuses on the love affair between Annie and her husband, Graham, and what happens after the sudden death of Graham. The story floats between the present with Annie navigating through her grief and finding out about the life Graham lived, while revisiting the past life she lived while Graham was alive.

I like the complex characters of Annie and her friend/Graham’s first wife, Frieda, and the odd friendship that they forged. While this book is not overly dramatic, it was a story that I was drawn to.

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