Happy Hour: Cherub’s Cup Cocktail

My love of making cocktails has not ceased – and I found the prettiest cocktail that is amazing delicious as well! This delectable drink highlights strawberries – a favorite of mine – and also includes elderflower liquor which is one of my favorite ingredients!

First – can we discuss the adorable glasses I found at World Market! I was wandering through the store a few weeks ago and these little gems caught my eye. I love the shape and the size of them, and I am contemplating getting a full set for my kitchen once the remodel is done. Plus, they make any drink served in them feel all the more special!

Ok, back to the cocktail. I found the recipe online after searching up elderflower liquor on Google. I had one more bottle that I had brought back from Austria a few years ago and I wanted to use it in a special drink. After finding this recipe, I knew that it would be amazing… because it has all things I love!

I didn’t have any sparkling rose wine, so I substituted with some champagne I had. I know this probably altered the flavor of the overall drink but I loved it just the same. I would love to try it with the rose – so I guess I am making it again!

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