TGIF – fun finds

Happy first Friday of March! I am working this month on my positivity – it’s the longest teaching month of the year- and I’m trying to find the good in each and every day. So far, so good!

Last weekend we went down to Malibu for the day and walked around the Country Mart and checked out the shops and restaurants there. We picked up a New Orleans Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle and my life was forever changed. This coffee is brewed with chicory and I topped mine off with oat milk – it was amazing. The chicory mellows out the coffee and then whole drink was amazing. I definitely recommend this to any coffee lovers out there!

I am on the lookout for some button-down long-sleeved shirts to take with me on my adventures this summer. I know in all of my travels coming up, I will be out in the sun day after day, and I burn!!! So, I want a cute, casual shirt that will cover my arms without making me much hotter than I know I already will be. After some searching I found these cute shirts from Natural Life, and I think I will order the white and black to try out. They look relaxed and adorable – without adding much heat. I will keep you guys posted!!

Just in case you needed some happiness in your Friday, here is the cutest little Doxie nose to boop! It’s just adorable!

Happy Friday!

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