Soft Sugar M&M Cookie Bars

I had great plans for Valentine’s Day. I was going to make dozens of decorated sugar cookies in fun shapes and give them to all those I loved and be super productive…. and then life happened. Yeah, I got lazy and didn’t want to spend the hours it took to do the sugar cookies, but I still wanted to give something sweet and yummy to my friends. So, upon investigation (basically just browsing my favorite food blogs) I found the answer… Soft Sugar M&M Cookie Bars.

Ok – I think it is safe to say that everyone loves M&M’s. Even if they are not your absolute favorite, there is nothing not to love about them. I love the holiday M&M’s and how festive they always look. I grabbed a few bags of the Cupid’s mix for these bars and they instantly made the sweet treat all the more lovely.

These bars are stupid easy. Ad I love that. When I was making them I was so excited that there was no wasted time scooping individual cookies – instead it was all in a single dish! I tried the dough (you know, for quality control!) and I couldn’t get over how good it was! It’s a bit looser than a traditional cookie dough but the flavors are amazing!!!

The final product was perfect. I cut each pan (I made three) into 9 HUGE squares and then packed them up individually. After putting them with a little card – they were off to make everyone’s day happy!

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