TGIF – fun finds

Happy, happy Friday! Over in our world, we are on day one of a lovely and much-needed four day weekend!!! While we have a lot to pack in this break, I do love having a few more days to relax and enjoy.

For Tay’s big 13th birthday last weekend, one of my favorite gifts was a customized pair of Converse high tops. One of my students paints them for a little side business and I just adore the way they came out! Tay has worn them every single day since receiving them… and I think I want a pair, too!

Living in Southern California, the Super Bowl this year was epic… a win for our very own home team! But, it was the halftime show that did it for me. Snoop, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J… it was a trip down memory lane! Monday, all my students complained about how “old person” the show was, but they just don’t get how cool “old person” music really is!!!

Lily. I love this dog. I had to share this picture because it is my new favorite photo of my girl. She is the best, sweetest, dog and I love how sitting in the sun just makes her so damn happy!

I hope your weekend brings you as much happiness as a dog sitting in the sun. Seriously – you need that look of peace on your face!!!

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