Happy Hour: Indian Summer

With my new foray into Indian food (my stomach is growling just thinking about the Butter Chicken…) me and my “extra” self decided there had to be an Indian-inspired cocktail that needed to be tried, too! So, I took a quick minute to Google search some options and stumbled upon the Indian Summer from Lovely Little Om.

What I liked about this drink was the citrus. I mean, you mix citrus and vodka together and you are bound to get something delicious! What I wasn’t sure about was the tamarind concentrate. I had never had tamarind before and I didn’t know what to expect. But, after reading a bit about it, it was time to jump in and try something new!

Making this drink was as easy as can be and I couldn’t help but eat a bunch of pineapple while prepping the ingredients. Pineapple is just so damn good! The tamarind was… interesting. The taste was fine – I liked the little umami it added to the drink. But the color – that was a bit off-putting!

I would totally recommend this drink for a fun Indian-inspired cocktail hour or dinner, but beware of the color of the drinks!

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