Butter Chicken

I have a super embarrassing confession. I have never had Indian food before. Isn’t that awful?!? I live in one of the most racially diverse states in the nation, travel a ton, and I have never had Indian food!!! I’m ashamed. Well, that all changed recently when I decided enough was enough and I was going to dive into Indian cuisine by making Butter Chicken. (Spoiler: It was a fantastic life choice!)

The reason I decided to try Butter Chicken was because I was bored with my usual dinner choices. I like to keep things exciting, and my menus had been lacking just that… Excitement. So, I was skimming through websites I love and found What’s Gaby Cooking’s recipe for Butter Chicken. It looked like something that my family would eat (with some minor adjustments) so I was excited to try it.

This recipe is full of an amazing combination of spices and I think it is a perfect place for people new to Indian food to start. The flavors are bold but not spicy and it all melded together perfectly. The chicken marinates for a minimum of one hour (I kept mine in the marinade for the entire day) and then the marinade is used in the sauce – I love it!

Once the chicken is in the marinade, the actual cooking of it takes about 45 minutes. It is not a hands-on recipe, so it was easy for me to make the sides for our dinner while the chicken was cooking. As always, I made some adjustments to the recipe to appease my picky eaters. For this recipe it was:

  1. Very, very little cayenne in the marinade
  2. I grated the onion instead of chopping the onion so there were no chucky onions.
  3. Used tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes because… chunks!
  4. I only did 1 cup of cream in the final sauce instead of 3 cups because 3 cups just seemed excessive to me!

Even with these recipe changes, the final product blew my mind. It was so ridiculously good… I honestly cannot say enough good things about it. I served it over white rice and I had sautéed spinach and Naan bread as the sides. This dinner is going on my normal rotation!

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