TGIF – fun finds

It’s a big Friday in our house… today is Tay’s 13th birthday! I cannot believe that we have a real teenager in the house (how did this happen?!?) This weekend will be filled with celebration after celebration, so I have to mentally prepare for it all! Nap time, anyone???

One of my sweet students traveled to New York City last weekend to play at Carnegie Hall. When she returned back, she gifted me with the best gift ever- a Levain Bakery cookie! She knew my love of baking and decided to gift me with one of the most famous cookies in the country. (It goes without saying… she is one of my favorite students!) This cookie lives up to all the hype. It was amazing. Bonus: they ship nationwide! So, I’m thinking this might be my new favorite gift to send people…

I have begun – once again – intermittent fasting. I hate to call this a “diet” so we shall refer to it as a lifestyle change. In all honesty, I feel better while I am doing it and I really find that I have more energy. The added bonus that studies show it is good for your brain, and helps ward off Alzheimer’s I’m on board. I am fasting weekdays from 7:45pm until 11:45am (our school lunch) which allows me the flexibility to have breakfasts with my family on the weekend. If I find myself a bit hungry in the morning (which is not often!) I discovered this watermelon gum from Extra that is perfect to take the edge off. Seriously – it is so good!!!

I’ll report back next week with how the weekend-of-celebration went and my thoughts on having a teenager in the house! In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

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