TGIF – fun finds

Happy February! This month is one I love – it’s Tay’s birthday, and we have a four day weekend in the middle of the month. That, added in to the fact that February is naturally shorter than other months, always makes it is good one!

Ozark is back!!! If you have not already been captivated by this Netflix drama – now is the time to start binge watching!!! This last season of Ozark has already started with so much drama… I love it! Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are better than ever and I am so happy to have a show to get excited about!!!

The mix of colder temps and the crazy Santa Ana winds we have been having, my skin is so dry – it hurts! I found this Ultra Repair Hand Cream from First Aid Beauty and it is by far my favorite lotion. It is lightweight and it has a super clean smell. Best of all, it leaves my hands hydrated for hours. This has been a miracle workers these last few weeks.

Lily has been dealing with some arthritis in her hips so she has been drugged up and resting lately to (hopefully) get it under control. Although I love energetic Lily, sweet cuddly Lily is impossible not to love! Hopefully with some rest, she will be back on the trails with me soon!

Happy Friday!

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