Happy Hour: Maple Whiskey Sours

I love teaching the children of educators. They tend to be involved, willing to participate, and their parents give the best gifts… because they know what educators need (ALCOHOL!!!) Recently, a colleague/parent gifted Greg and me with a delicious bottle of whiskey so it was time to create some cocktails!

First off, let’s talk about this whiskey. The Knob Creek Singe Barrel Reserve was so amazing. It is smooth with a bit of a kick at the end. Wanting to highlight the bourbon, but knowing that I could not drink it straight-up (I’m a bit of a wimp!) I went looking for a Whiskey Sour recipe…and I scored when I found this one!

Instead of using the typical simple syrup to sweeten the whiskey sour, this recipe calls for maple syrup. Why didn’t I think of this before?!? Greg loves maple syrup (he may just be Buddy the Elf in disguise!) and the slight maple flavor really added an extra level of intrigue in the drink.

Overall, these were amazing. Like, really, really amazing! Greg and I both loved them, and it was such a nice way to cap off a night (or two!) I think this will be my new signature cocktail…

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