TGIF – fun finds

Happy Last Friday of January!!! It’s hard to believe that this month is pretty much over – it flew by! Between the holidays, helping Greg recover from his surgery, finals at school, and a new term beginning, it was a packed month!

As part of my goal to bring happiness and sunshine to people this year, two batches of cookies went out to my colleagues this week. First, it was the happiest cookie known to man – Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies! They are literally like sunshine in cookie form. Then, because I was craving them, Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I don’t care what anyone says… cookies make everything better!

Tay’s 13th birthday is coming up and I am on the lookout for gifts that a teen would “cool” that don’t include crop shirts and loads of make up. I stumbled across this this Shoppe Geo wall hanging that I think would look so adorable in her bedroom and would win me some cool-mom points.

Hope you have a good Friday!

2 thoughts on “TGIF – fun finds

  1. I totally agree about the cookies. I made some yet for my brother-in-law’s Birthday and some for my nephew who has been sick. I am trying to pay close attention to Birthdays and other special days for my loved ones. And yes cookies are great anytime.

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