Christmas Tree Garlic Bread

Being stuck at home over the break, and not wanting to add to my pile of sweet treats courtesy of my students, I was looking for something to stimulate my creative side…while tasting good at the same time. Enter Half Baked Harvest’s Christmas Tree Garlic Bread.

We always have lasagna on Christmas Eve and this fun recipe was a perfect addition to the usual feast. The first step is to make an herb-y, delicious compound butter that is chock full of garlic, salt, sage, basil…all the things good in the world!

Then, it’s on to the bread. The homemade dough was simple and after allowing it to rise, you divide it into two halves and make a tree shape with the butter spread in between the two pieces.

The final step before baking is to cut “branches” into the sides and then twisting the branches to make the tree. It was so simple and added such a festive touch!

This was so fun, and it would be perfect for any holiday table!

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