Christmas 2021 Recap

Christmas this year was a very low key event in our household- and I really have few complaints about that! After an exhausting start to the school year, a chance to stay inside, enjoy the copious amounts of Southern California rain, and just relax was a welcome break!

The reason for it being so mellow…well, Greg had surgery on his foot the week before Christmas and he has to stay completely off of it for six weeks. For him, this is torture, but I’m just hoping that this forced break will bring him back stronger than ever! in the meantime, it’s been a lot of couch sitting, Nintendo playing, and movie watching!

Christmas morning brought lots of gifts- and Lily was so excited by her new bone she carried it with her everywhere she went. I have never seen a dog love a bone so much- so, PlanetDog, thank you for making my girl so happy!!

My sister-from-another-mister, Jill, gifted me my new favorite bottle of wine from Refugio Ranch and I was in bliss Christmas Day. If you are ever in Los Olivos and need a winery to hit up- this is the one you need to stop at!

I’ll do an entire post about the best gifts I gave and received this year- but I have to say that the rain (as weird as that sounds!) was such a gift for us this Christmas! We have been so in need of water from the sky to help with our perpetual drought; a cold, wet Christmas was so special…as was the rainbow that adorned the sky!!

It was a good holiday overall, even if it was as uneventful as they come! Hope yours was just as restful and relaxing!!!

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