TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday! With Halloween behind us and the official start of holiday season upon us, I am so excited for all that this time of year has to offer. Truly, this is my FAVORITE season and I can feel my spirits lifting each and everyday. The thought of all the upcoming days off from school doesn’t hurt either!

One of my super sweet students showed up with an awesome box of goodies for me from her mom’s recent trip to Egypt. In the box, was this gorgeous coaster set that I just loved. It is so unique and exotic looking and it fits right in to the eclectic vibe that I love in my house. Gifts like these are my jam- I love unique finds with a cool story behind them!

With the cooler weather, the pups have been in full snuggle mode, and my newest blanket purchase has been perfect for the puppy pile that I love to be a part of! This Pendelton Fleece Throw was purchased from Costco, but I found it on Amazon as well. It is so pretty and warm – it might just be the best blanket I have! Props to my friend, Asya, for texting me immediately when she saw these at her Costco in Texas!

I hope your weekend finds you wrapped in a comfy blanket with a sleeping dog beside you… or whatever your version of happiness is! Enjoy!

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