Antipasto Skewers

My obsession with Half Baked Harvest continues with another amazing recipe! My friend Jill had us over for dinner the other night, and I was on appetizer duty. I was bored of the simple cheese platter, and my other appetizers seemed to fall-flat, so I was on the search for something amazing. (Note: Jill is the most fantastic chef so I had to step up my game!) I went to the Half Baked Harvest website and searched what appetizers she had listed. Within moments I found it – Antipasto Tortellini Skewers with Lemon Basil Vinaigrette – and I knew this was the recipe!!

While this recipe has a lot of components, it was ridiculously easy to prepare. My shopping list was extensive, but I found that these are all ingredients that I will use time and again so I didn’t mind buying them all. The only thing you really have to “prepare” for this recipe is the lemon basil vinaigrette, and that was super simple.

I boiled the tortellini and set them aside to cool, while I cut up my ingredients to use. I wanted the mini mozzarella balls (they are so cute!) but my Trader Joe’s was sold out of them, so I had to settle with cubing a larger ball of mozzarella. Once I did that, I marinated the tortellini and cheese in the basil vinaigrette.

Assembling the skewers was fun and I felt like a true artist when they were all lined up next to each other. I did this step hours before I needed them and just places them in the fridge. This is the ultimate do-ahead appetizers, which I love.

Right before we left for Jill’s house, I toasted the ciabatta in the oven and cut it into cubes. Then the whole platter was done!

This appetizer was a hit! We all loved the flavors and the vinaigrette had the perfect blend of flavors and everything worked together so perfectly. I would make this for a light lunch or even take the ingredients and make it into a salad or possibly a sandwich. So many options!!

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