TGIF – fun finds

Happy Friday! Why is it that a week after a long weekend always feels, well, long?!?! Logically, it doesn’t make sense, but I am so looking forward to this weekend!

Last weekend we watched the new Amazon movie, Cinderella… and loved it! The story was a twist on the classic, the actors where great, and the music… it was phenomenal! I loved this remake!

For a few weeks now I have been using the texturizing spray from Amika and I can say it has been a life changer! This spray is not quite hairspray, but “dirties” my hair up just the tiniest bit so that any style I create stays put. I love how full my hair looks – even on day two or three of washing it! Paired with the dry shampoo that I adore, this is a winning combo (Tammy – I’m talking to you!!!)

Hope you guys are as happy this weekend as Oscar is every morning that Greg or I snuggle him on the couch (look at that face!!!)

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