Pesto Pasta Salad

I am a lazy cook in the summer. Greg often jokes that on weekends and during the summer I starve my family out. During the school year I kick-ass on preparing three meals a day. During the summer they are lucky if it is one solid meal a day. I think it’s good for them to learn to scavenge for food. It builds character.

While I am in fact lazy, I still do love to eat. So, I am constantly on the look out for recipes that I can make and keep in the fridge to snack on for a few meals. Enter What’s Gaby Cooking and her Pesto Pasta Salad. I have quickly become a huge fan of everything that Gaby makes – especially anything that includes her basil vinaigrette – IT’S THE GREATEST!

As I might have mentioned, (or shouted from the rooftops!) this recipe calls for Gaby’s basil vinaigrette. This sauce is so versatile, so delicious, and practically screams summer. At this point, I have pretty much memorized the recipe and keep everything (except for the fresh basil) on hand at all times. There is nothing that this sauce does not improve.

The next key, life changing ingredient in this dish is bacon. Yes, my beloved bacon! Like the basil vinaigrette, there is nothing that bacon does not make better. I would have never thought to pair bacon with a basil pasta salad, but it was delightful for sure!

The recipe calls for fresh tomatoes and castelvetrano olives, but all I had on hand was sundried tomatoes and black olives. Not being picky at all, I threw them in and figured it would be just fine (spoiler alert: it was!) I also added some pine nuts because I love them.

I wish I had some sort of magical photo of the finished dish…but I don’t. Yep, I totally forgot to take one! But, I can tell you that the pasta salad was delicious, it was beautiful, and it fed my family for a few meals where they would otherwise go hungry! This was such a step up from other pasta salads!!!

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