Summer Vibes – Georgetown, Texas

Howdy, y’all! Ok – no. I don’t talk like that. Nor, will I ever. I am a California girl thru and thru, but I have been finding myself spending an increasing amount of time in Texas since my brother’s family, my parents, and one of my closest friends all have moved in there in the past few years. While the weather leaves A LOT to be desired, I find that I actually quite enjoy the Lone Star State. Tay and I headed there for a few days at the end of June to visit the family and every time we go, I discover the coolest places!

Our trip began with us flying into Austin and having my friend, Asya, pick us up. The first leg of our trip would be spent with her, her husband, and her daughter before heading off to see the rest of the family. I love Asya so much and I miss the years we lived right across the alley from each other and could see each other everyday! One thing that is awesome about my friend is her ability to research and discover the coolest places and most fun things to do. She never disappoints! Our first night in Texas we revisited one of my favorite small towns, Georgetown, but discovered some cool new places.

First stop- dinner at District Six. This little hole-in-the-wall spot was off the main square in Georgetown but it had the best vibe… and food! Asya and I split the beet salad and the fish-and-chips and it was a perfect dinner. The Tex-Mex Beet Salad was one of the best things I have ever eaten, and I will be recreating it this summer!!!

We then took the girls to find the make-your-own ice cream sandwich haven, known as The Baked Bear. Yes, you heard me correctly – ice cream sandwiches! This lovely little spot has tons of fresh made cookies that you can mix and match and pair with a variety of different ice creams. Tay thought she was in heaven. I thought it was the most amazing business idea! And the shop was so cute…

After ice cream we noticed that the town square was full of people in lawn chairs, eating food, drinking beer, and listening to live music from a local restaurant. It was so quaint and exactly the small town vibe that I love. If you are ever near Austin, I would highly suggest stopping in this adorable town!

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