Happy Hour- Bourbon Sidecars

Remember those burgers with bacon jam? Yeah, well right on the next page of the March 2021 issue of Sunset Magazine was a recipe for Big Batch Bourbon Sidecars and I was intrigued. I had never had a Bourbon Sidecar before, but I knew that any recipe that called for Meyer Lemons was something that I would like. So, to go along with my bacon jam- I added some bourbon!

Meyer Lemons are the best lemons, this is not open to debate. I fell in love with these lemons when I was a kid and my grandma had a Meyer Lemon tree in her yard. I loved picking as many of them as I could and adding them to everything I ate. If something has lemon in it or on it- I’m game to try it.

The Bourbon Sidecar recipe was super simple to whip up in my trusty Mason jar (because, that is the best way to store cocktails!) And I made one simple substitution in the recipe. I couldn’t find the honey that the recipe called for in my pantry, so I added agave nectar instead. I don’t know how this affected the overall taste- but I loved it!

The drinks were a perfect addition to our burger and bacon jam meal and they were enjoyed on the patio on a wonderful spring night. The only downside- well, I had to go to work the next day! Although we had more to drink in the Mason jar, I limited myself to just one, so I could actually get out of bed the next morning!

At least there is more for later…

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