Grilled Fish Tacos

As the weather starts to warm up- a few days here and there- I have been craving some summer staples…cold beer, chips and guacamole, and tacos. I mean, tacos are the perfect summer meal. Simple to make, easy to eat…perfection.

I was scrolling through my new best friend, Gaby’s, website (What’s Gaby Cooking) and found her recipe for grilled fish tacos. It was as though she was inside my mind- a perfect warm-weather taco that you can cook outside!!

These tacos begin with a delicious cabbage slaw to put on top and finish with some smashed avocado to line the tortilla before placing some flaky, seasoned fish on it. Honestly- they were poetic.

I have never grilled fish- surprising, isn’t it- but it was so easy. It takes no time at all and the cod I picked up at Whole Foods was firm enough. It to fall apart on the grill but flaked nicely after cooked.

After cooking the fish I built my taco with the avocado, fish, and then the slaw on top. This slaw was the best pet. Crispy and vinegary and crunchy- it made me so happy!

I see these tacos as a staple on my summer dinner menu. Actually- I think they will be the center of my menu when it comes to entertaining this summer…which I can’t wait for!

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